For the first time, Celestis DNATM affords the opportunity to celebrate a life with a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight...regardless of final disposition. By extracting DNA from a non-invasive mouth swab or hair sample - and preparing the sample for spaceflight - anyone’s complete unique genome can be launched into space.



A Celestis flight capsule containing cremated remains or DNA is placed aboard a satellite or rocket that will orbit the Earth. Track the Celestis spacecraft on this website. 


Attend all Celestis launch events including the launch site tour, astronaut dinner, memorial service, and launch viewing from a preferred location. Most events are webcast, permitting participation by friends and loved ones unable to attend.



Celestis produces a custom video of the experience, provided to each participant’s family. An official Certificate of Mission Completion, specifying mission accomplishments, is also included.





The Earth Rise service affordably launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains or DNA to space. After experiencing the zero gravity environment the individual flight capsules and modules are returned to Earth.

Starting at $1,295 

Earth Rise is – in many ways – Celestis’ most intimately experienced memorial spaceflight service.  Launch operations are conducted by UP Aerospace, the Denver-based leader in small system commercial rocketry.

UP Aerospace hosts Celestis guests on a pre launch tour, conducted the day before liftoff.  Company staff and engineers demonstrate the inner workings of mission control and lead a pad tour for a close-up view of the rocket, permitting photos and a final goodbye to loved ones.

The pre-launch memorial service blends family and loved ones' memories of those aboard, inspirational music, and words of welcome from local officials at an appropriate local venue. Launch guests may stay together at a Celestis mission headquarters resort. Many lasting friendships are formed among those sharing the memorial experience, regardless of hometown.

On launch day, the group travels to witness together the majesty and power of the launch.  The launch is webcast for family members and friends who cannot attend. A short time for reflection, celebration, and sharing occurs post launch and during the return trip to the hotel, where Celestis team members assist in final details and guest departure.




Celestis DNA is available on the same terms – including price – as our post cremation Memorial Spaceflight services.

Memorial spaceflight services for those not choosing cremation. The Celestis DNA service permits anyone to choose this option for yourself or a loved one, regardless of choice for final disposition.

Off planet DNA storage and preservation. Place your unique biological signature – your DNA – aboard a spacecraft that resides either on the moon or in deep space, permanently.

Home banking your heritage. The Celestis DNA service includes – at no extra cost – a DNA Memorial Home Banking Solution kit. CG Labs will provide a second DNA sample to your designated beneficiary permitting long term DNA storage at home. Ensure that your or a loved one’s genetic history is preserved and available for future analysis and assessment.

Option for interstellar migration. Combining the powerful tools of deep space radio transmission and digital DNA, the same Celestis team that conducted both Cosmic Calls plans to target stars with planetary systems and will offer you the option to beam your or a loved one’s unique DNA signature to distant galaxies, creating affordable, personal interstellar travel options for all of us.

Many theories suggest that life on Earth originated from interstellar DNA. Read about humanity’s efforts to return life’s signature to the stars.