The way we memorialize our loved ones has CHANGED

There is only one question that truly matters. 

How do you want to be remembered? 

How will you remember your loved ones? 

Let's face it, the old more traditional forms of memorialization are no longer adequate. 

  • We moved away from the place where mom was buried. 
  • They don't keep the cemetery up any more. 
  • I don't remember where the grave was. 

There are many reasons but the solution is Omneo Memorialization, because Omneo is connected to your future. 

Omneo profiles can be accessed from any device.

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Cremation rate reached 50% in the US last year

Today's increase in cremation vs. burial, is not so much driven by economics as it is by pragmatics and simplicity.  Yet for the sake of being practical and simple, cremation families are missing out on memorialization which is essential in dealing with grief.  

Whether keeping ashes at home or placing them in a columbarium at a cemetery, the award winning Omneo Memorial povides you with a timeless, elegant and permanent post cremation memorial.

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