Where dignity, respect, and solemnity are combined with design, technology and lasting value

The future of memorialization can be accessed from any device, anytime. anywhere.  


There is only one question that truly matters. 

How do you want to be remembered? 

How will you remember your loved ones? 

Let's face it, the old more traditional forms of memorialization are no longer adequate. We moved away from the place where mom was buried, They don't keep the cemetery up any more. I don't remember where the grave was. 

There are many reasons but the solution is Omneo Memorialization, because Omneo is connected to the future. 

You can access the memorial profile from any device



Omneo is about life, legacy and sharing

 Unlike standard urns that have not evolved in thousands of years, Omneo Memorials' patented design and functionality has been developed to offer the most dignified and advanced memorialization concept in the market. Omneo offers families a way to capture and maintain the true essence of their loved ones in a permanent and timeless post cremation memorial allowing them to celebrate their loved ones' legacy and all they were in life in all its splendor. 


Cremation rate reached 50% in the US last year

Today's increase in cremation vs. burial, is not so much driven by economics as it is by pragmatics and simplicity.  Yet for the sake of being practical and simple, cremation families are missing out on memorialization which is essential in dealing with grief.  

Whether keeping ashes after cremation at home or placing them in a columbarium at a cemetery, the award winning Omneo Memorial povides you with a timeless, elegant and permanent post cremation memorial solution that a loved one deserves.   


Don't settle for an urn with ashes, complete your cremation with an Omneo Memorial

 Omneo Memorials are made by bringing your loved one's ashes to a permanent solid state and protecting it with a millimetric mineral shell that allows for personalization via laser engraving. The result is a beautifil, elegant and personalized prism where your loved ones' ashes will be protected for eternity. 


The Golden Ratio

Design: Designed to the Golden Ratio it’s beauty is in the proportions. Solid dark color and material conveys solemnity, material’s soft touch brings warmth to the final disposition of your loved one. The memorial’s modern look is a tribute to a beautiful life.  

Practical: There are true benefits of keeping cremated remains in a solid form. Eliminate potential for spillage, soften the image of free flowing ashes as a the final state of your loved one, keep cremated remains together for eternity  

Personalization: Memorials can be as personalized as the customer wants. From no engraving to complete wrap-around engraving, an Omneo is meant to reflect the personality of the deceased   


"A legacy that will continue into the future"

With today’s consumer and future generations in mind, all Omneo Memorials come with a FREE lifetime subscription to OmneoLife.com, an online memorial network where family and friends can pay tribute to their loved ones collaboratively through shared stories, pictures and videos,  celebrating who they really were.



With the order of an Omneo Memorial or Omneo Tap you automatically get access to OmneoLife.com to build your loved one's  profile and share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+  and start collecting memories. These memories can consist of text, photos and videos in memoriam, which are managed after death by a family designated administrator.

All Omneo products can be embedded with technology to connect any NFC enabled smartphone with that person’s digital memories in omneolife.com, giving you instant access to your loved one’s life and memories with a tap of your phone.  



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Designed to the Golden Ratio it’s beauty is in the proportions. Solid dark color and material conveys solemnity, material’s soft touch brings warmth to the final disposition of your loved one. The memorial’s personalized and modern look is a tribute to a beautiful life. As a permanent and solid memorial, this beautiful, elegant and personalized post cremation solution can go anywhere with you safely as it is spill-proof and tamper-proof. .

  • To be placed in an omneo Rest at select cemeteries, churches or simply at home
  • Protected with anodized aluminum casing, designed by Jorge Varela (Cartier Commissioned Designer)
  • Lifetime subscription to omneolife.com
  • Optional connectivity access through NFC technology to the personal profile in omneolife.com
  • Personalization: name, dates, religious symbols, logo, pictures…
  • Size: 3.75” x 3.75” x 13.2”
  • Weight: 6-9 lbs