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 Designed to the Golden Ratio it’s beauty is in the proportions. Solid dark color and material conveys solemnity, material’s soft touch brings warmth to the final disposition of your loved one. The memorial’s personalized and modern look is a tribute to a beautiful life. As a permanent and solid memorial, this beautiful, elegant and personalized post cremation solution can go anywhere with you safely as it is spill-proof and tamper-proof. .

  • To be placed in an omneo Rest at select cemeteries, churches or simply at home
  • Protected with anodized aluminum casing, designed by Jorge Varela (Cartier Commissioned Designer)
  • Lifetime subscription to
  • Optional connectivity access through NFC technology to the personal profile in
  • Personalization: name, dates, religious symbols, logo, pictures…
  • Size: 3.75” x 3.75” x 13.2”
  • Weight: 6-9 lbs


Enter Name of Deceased (Message) Birth & Death Dates Symbols & Text Desired

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How Does It Work?


Step 1. Place your order

  Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email along with a prepaid self addressed UPS Label for you to print and affix on the package where you will mail the Cremated Remains to Omneo Group.  

Step 2. Review and Approve engraving options

  Withinn 24 hours of your order you will receive proofs of your engraving order for you to approve.  Please note that until you approve we will not be able to begin the process of creating your omneo. 

Step 3. Process time

 As soon as we receive your shipment of Cremated Remains and we receive the approved proofs for engraving we start the process of creating the Omneo Memorial you ordered.  The process takes between 48hr and 72hrs.   

Step 4. Return Shipment

 Once the Omneo memorial is finished we will ship it back to you via UPS Overnight.  You will receive notice that the package containing the Omneo Memorial is on its way back to you along with a tracking number so you know where it is at all times.  

Step 5. Referrals

 Once you receive your Omneo Memorial please let us know if you were satisfied with our service and spread the word.  By the way, we love when customers "like us" on Facebook.  



Is the Omneo Memorial reversible? Can I convert it back to ashes in the future? No, once the Omneo Memorial is made it will remain in a solid state permanently and the process is irreversible.  

What happens if I want to keep a small portion of the cremains? Omneo Group makes the memorials with the entirety of the cremated remains received, therefore if you want a small portion for keepsake, please separate before shipping the cremated remains to Omneo Group. How do I know that the Omneo Memorial has been made with my loved one's ashes? Omneo Group operates with the highest levels of integrity, morals and dignity and has set in place procedures that abide by the strictest quality guidelines in process and product. All cremated remains are received with a metal crematory marker/ID which accompanies the cremated remains along each step of the process so that the individual can be always identified. That metal marker/ID will be packed along with the omneo memorial and returned to you.  

Is the Omneo Memorial fragile?  Yes, the Omneo Memorials are fragile and the granite skin protecting the memorial can crack or chip if not handled with care.   

What happens if I drop it on the floor? The good news is that, unlike traditional urns, the memorial is a solid and if dropped on the floor or carpet it will not break or scatter the ashes of your loved one. However, it is fragile and may chip or crack if dropped. It is very important to handle the Omneo Memorials with care.  

How can I clean the memorials? It is easy, ). Simply wipe with warm water and a little hand soap to eliminate fingerprints. You can also use a cotton swab with a little alcohol to achieve the same. Do not use anything that can scratch (sponges, sand paper, etc.) and do not to use anything that can be abrasive (strong detergents, bleach, or all purpose cleaners). For a nice shine you can use a drop or two of vegetable cooking oil or olive oil and wipe clean with a papertowel.  

What happens if the NFC chip of my memorial is not working? You must call Omneo Group right away and we will reprogram the chip remotely. If it can’t be re-programmed you can send us the memorial and we will fix it for you within 48hr free of charge.  

Can I put the omneo memorial in the ocean? Is it environmentally friendly? Yes, you may place the omneo memorial in the ocean. The omneo memorials are made with natural materials therefore they are environmentally friendly. Note however that the NFC functionality may not work under water.  

Will the omneo Tap withstand extreme weather conditions when adhered to a gravestone? Yes, the omneo Tap has been designed to be out in the environment and can withhold both high and low temperatures as well as rain and snow.