Omneo Tap

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No matter what the final disposition of your loved one is, either burial, inurnment, crypt, niche or scattering at sea, the Omneo Tap is a self-adhesive weather resistant device containing NFC technology which can be adhered onto any flat surface,.allowing you to have instant access on any NFC enebled device (phone or tablet) to your loved one’s profile to remeber their life and memories in the places that matter the most to you. 

  • Designed to be adhered to a gravestone (granite, marble, etc.), grave marker (bronze, granite, marble, etc.), columbarium niche cover (granite, marble, glass, etc.), or any place you would like to remember your loved one.
  • Does not require batteries or maintenance of any kind, simply stick it and tap it with your NFC enebled device.
  • Size: 1.5” circumference
  • Material Options: Black Corian (faux-granite)

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How Does It Work?


Step 1. Place your order

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email 

Step 2. Set up memorial profile page

With in 24 hours of your order your memorial page will be prepared and you will receive a pass word for editing profile  

Step 3. Shipment

Once the Omneo tap memorial is programmed we will ship it to you via UPS . You will receive notice that the package containing the Omneo Tap Memorial is on its way to you along with a tracking number so you know where it is at all times.  

Step 4. Referrals

Once you receive your Omneo Memorial please let us know if you were satisfied with our service and spread the word.  By the way, we love when customers "like us" on Facebook.  



The Omneo Tap does not require ashes because it is designed for families that select traditional burial


What happens if the NFC chip of my memorial is not working? You must call Omneo Group right away and we will reprogram the chip remotely. If it can’t be re-programmed you can send us the memorial and we will fix it for you within 48hr free of charge.  

Will the omneo Tap withstand extreme weather conditions when adhered to a gravestone? Yes, the omneo Tap has been designed to be out in the environment and can withhold both high and low temperatures as well as rain and snow.