The Church Heritage Memorial Wall


 We are excited to announce our new Church Heritage Program. This program provides an essential element to our worship family experience. Years ago most churches had cemeteries and they walked with their families through the grieving process. Today, although we do everything we can to assist and support our members through the process of loss,  we now have  an opportunity to work closer with you in making some of the preparations as well as helping to make sound decisions regarding memorialization.

The Church Heritage Program allows us as a church family to stay connected even into eternity.

The Church Heritage Program to offer life-legacy products which will allow you to leave cherished memories such as notes, picture, videos and more, to future generations. You can create a timeless memorial that will connect you with us your church family and also introduce the opportunity to have the conversation of a life time with family members whom you love while everyone is still alive and kicking. Now, when you enroll into our church family network through your church, the church will earn money and you gain access to an exclusive new method of memorializing with us and planning for the future.Here’s how it works. We have partnered with Cooper Professionals–a company who has been recognized by in the funeral sector as one of the most innovative companies to inter the industry for years. Omneo’s Memorialization Solution features the latest technology in connectivity which allows us to create an online church memorial that will include all of our members. This memorial profile can be accessed with the simple tap of your cell phone. Not only will you have direct access to this revolutionary method of remembering a loved one’s legacy and life as opposed to focusing on the absence and loss, but in doing so it is now possible to support your local church.